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BSNL Karnataka is Offering 2 New “Limited Edition” prepaid plans “PV 49”(1.6 Paisa/2sec) & “PV 89” (1.8 Paisa/2Sec) under unified 3G/2G GSM services w.e.f. 01-10-2014 to 29-12-2014 for 90 Days, Limited to “1 Lakh New & 3 Lakhs Existing Customer”.More >>

BSNL is Offering 4 exclussive Data Plan Vouchers(PV-96,PV-1251,PV-2299,PV-3299) with One Year Plan Validity and More than 12 Data STVs like 1GB @ Rs 139, Get All BSNL 3G/2G Data STVs and Data Plan Voucher Details here. More >>

BSNL is Offering More than 8 Unlimited Usage High Speed (4 to 24 Mbps) broadband plans and 9 more Broadband plans with internet speed in the range 512Kbps-2Mbps.Get all these broadband plan details here.. More >>

BSNL Karnataka is Offering 4 Voice Call STVs, 3 Exclussive STD Voice Call STVs,4 STVs for Local and STD STVs, 5 ISD STVs, 4 Roaming STVs, 7 SMS STVs, 1 Family and Friends STV. Details here... More >>

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