BSNLBB Home Combo ULD-800 [PostPaid]

Friday, 25 April, 2014 7:32 AM ,By Kondadi Prasad Krishna.

India's Most trusted Broadband service provider BSNL is offering BB Home Combo ULD-800 plan at Fixed monthly Charge [FMC] of Rs 800, Plan features Unlimited Monthly Broadband Usage for home users Only.

You can Pay the FMC at BSNL Online WebPortal, BSNL CSCs, Post Offices, If You are a Smart Phone user then BSNL app can be used for Postpaid Bill Payments- [Download BSNL App From Google Play for Android OS, For windows Phone App is Available in Windows App Store].



BB Home Combo ULD-800

1 Bandwidth [Download Speed] 1Mbps Upto 6GB, then 512Kbps
2 Night Unlimited (0200 to 0800 Hours) Not Applicable  
3 Free Broadband Usage limit per Month Unlimited Usage
4 Free Calls to BSNL Network Nil  
5 No Of free Static IP with Plan Nil  
6 Plan Applicability Home Users Only  
7 Beyond Free Usage Limit Broadband Charges/MB (Rs.) Not Applicable  
8 Telephone fixed monthly charges Nil
9 Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges [FMC] Rs 800  
10 LL to BSNL LL/ BSNL WLL (Beyond Free call Limit) Rs 1.00 Per MCU  
11 LL to BSNL Cellular/BSNL WLL (Beyond Free call Limit) Rs 1.00 Per MCU  
12 LL To Others Rs 1.20 Per MCU  
  MCU (Metered call Unit) ..more on MCU...
BSNL.Unlimited.Broadband.Postpaid.BBHome.ComboULD800 1 Annual Paymet Option (Free 1 Month On 11 FMC payment ) Rs 16,800 for 12 Months
2 Security Deposite (One Time) One Month FMC  
3 Govt/PSU Employee Discount 10% on FMC
BSNL Broadband Modem and Installation Charges not included.
Register your Email ID @BSNL selft care Portal for receiving Bills.
4. BSNL Self Care Portal
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